How to Ensure That You Buy That Used Car Wisely

In a country that is as spread out as Australia, it's very difficult to get around without your own form of transportation. If you've just moved to the country, or are getting a vehicle for the first time, the chances are you're looking to buy a good, used car. Yet you need to be careful and plan correctly while you are looking at candidates. How should you proceed? Figuring out Your Needs [Read More]

4 Tips to Help You Pay Off Your Loan Faster

Trying to pay off your car loan? Looking for ways to pay it off faster? Then, take a look at these tips. They can help you eliminate this debt faster. 1. Make Payments Every Two Weeks If you get paid every fortnight, you may want to pay your car on that schedule. Instead of paying the loan every month, pay half of the loan every time you get paid. That sounds like the same amount, and in most cases, it will feel the same to your budget. [Read More]

Managing school fee payments at your school

For independent schools, the school fees paid by parents are an important portion of your cashflow and enable your ongoing payments, including wages and materials. Unfortunately, some parents are not prompt at payment, which can send your cashflow in the wrong direction. Here are some tips to make sure that you receive payments.  Enable financing or part payments If you have parents who do not have the upfront means to pay for their school fees, it can be useful to give the parents some options to make the payments easier. [Read More]