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Debt Collection: Four Basic Steps for Making Effective Recovery Calls

If you are having trouble with debt collection, you should think about using a professional recovery agency. In general, it can be difficult to get money from customers if you do not have a dedicated department or employee for the task. If you choose a specialist, you will avoid wasting time on this task. Also, your invoices are likely to be cleared faster. In addition, a reliable service provider will charge a commission which is often cheaper than hiring a full-time employee. However, if you would like to manage your own debt collection, use the following tips to follow up on the customers.

Confirm the Debt

Your collection calls should begin with confirming the existence of the debt. In simple terms, you should not approach the client with an accusatory tone for failing to pay the amount. This could cause alienation and escalate the situation. Therefore, it is important not to make assumptions. Confirm the identity of the individual or company and discuss the debt with them. In some situations, there might be a mistake in the records or their payment method. So, you must be open in communication.

Know the Details

If the debt does exist, you should provide clear information on the case. It is advisable to collect the complete details on the customer's transactions with you before reaching out. If the debtor inquires about their transaction and the information is unavailable, they might assume that they have a default extension. The critical details include the purchase date, the products acquired and the amount owed. You might also need to remind the client about the specific terms of sale.

Allow for Payment

You should ensure that your customer can pay their debt with as much ease as possible. Often, debtors will claim that they are having trouble with paying because the instructions for clearing the amount are too complicated. Therefore, it is advisable to provide multiple options for sending the money. Do not limit the information during your call to only the primary method. Moreover, consider resending the invoice to the client if they claim not to have seen it.

Learn Negotiation

Debt collection involves a lot of negotiation with the other party. Therefore, you must never be at a disadvantage. It is imperative that you remain professional during your calls. Do not give in to frustration or become aggravated. Speak with calmness and counter each issue with clarity. Finally, you must follow the established regulations for fair debt collection to avoid lawsuits and other legal complications.

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