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Preparation Tips When Taking Up a Home Loan

Most people dream of owning a home one day. The biggest hindrance to achieving this dream is limited finances. Home loans are an easy way to own a house if you cannot raise the amount needed to buy in cash. A well-thought-of and planned mortgage should be easy to pay up. Below are a few tips on how to plan for a home loan.

Decide the need for a home.

The biggest mistake people make is taking up loans by impulse. You have to critically evaluate if it is the best time to own a home. If you have a spouse, consult with him or her and ensure that they feel the same about home ownership. Look up information on the internet or visit a real estate agent to know how much it will cost you to own a home.

Know your credit score.

Visit your bank's credit officer and ask how much money the bank can loan you. An important factor is the interest and loan charges that will accumulate during the repayment period. Inquire about the required deposit for the home loan. Ask for a discount as banks have flexible interest rates. Always visit a few lenders and compare their repayment terms before making a final decision.

Plan your finances.

You must plan your finances for you to repay the loan with ease. Below are some considerations to make.

Down payment. How do you plan to raise the required down payment? Remember the higher the down payment, the less the monthly payments.

Instalments. You can choose to have fixed or flexible instalments. Flexible instalments can either increase or decrease over time, while fixed instalments do not change. 

Plan your spending. Can you pay the monthly instalments without compromising your current spending? Do not compromise on essentials as you do not want the home loan to take up your happiness.

Have an emergency fund. You can put up a small fund to pay up your mortgage if you suddenly lose your income. This will prevent you from accumulating penalties or losing your home.


The bank will require various documents to process your home loan. Ask what documents you must provide and get them ready. You should also create a good relationship with the credit officer as they will keep you informed on the status of your loan.

Before taking up a home loan, consider the need to own a home, know your credit score, plan your finances and have your documents in order.