Getting a new car

How to Ensure That You Buy That Used Car Wisely

In a country that is as spread out as Australia, it's very difficult to get around without your own form of transportation. If you've just moved to the country, or are getting a vehicle for the first time, the chances are you're looking to buy a good, used car. Yet you need to be careful and plan correctly while you are looking at candidates. How should you proceed?

Figuring out Your Needs

Many people have aspirations that are bigger than their budget and don't take into account the overall running costs associated with their new transportation. Make sure that you factor in maintenance costs, fuel and insurance, together with any interest when you take out the loan. This will tell you how much you have left in order to purchase a vehicle. From that point, you can figure out what would be best for you in terms of comfort, safety and economy as you look into used car finance.

Narrowing in

You should now be able to narrow down your search to certain types of vehicle. From there, you should try and whittle it down further to a specific manufacturer and model range. Do plenty of online research so that you know all the good and bad points about these types of car and what you should be looking for when seeking out a used version. You should also be aware of the average repair costs and service intervals.

Feet on the Ground

When you actually go and look at a candidate vehicle, don't get stars in front of your eyes and fall in love with its appearance at first glance. Keep your feet firmly planted on the floor and make sure to ask the seller all the relevant questions. You'll want to know why they are selling it and how long it's been in their ownership. Find out if it's ever been damaged in an accident and if it's got a current "roadworthy" certificate and registration. If the service history is a bit patchy, why is that?

Checking the VIN

Make a note of the car's vehicle identification number and then go online to check if everything is above board. You need to see if there are any outstanding loans, or if the vehicle has been reported stolen at some stage.

Getting Help with Inspections

Finally, it's a good idea to bring along somebody who is a qualified mechanic to help you inspect the car. Always look at the vehicle in daylight, check for rust and any signs of repair work. Start the engine when it is cold to see how responsive it is and look for any tell-tale smoke signs from the rear, which could indicate issues. Ensure that your test drive is long enough for you to listen for any strange noises when everything is warm.

Ready, Set, Go

If all is good, you're in position to buy your all-important runaround and can use that specific car loan to help you.